Martha Stouman Post Flirtation Red Blend California 750ml

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DRINK WHEN - You need some California love. Reach for this bottle when an impromptu happy hour has started in your kitchen – snacks, laughter, and light Italian disco start wafting through the windows.

Vineyard notes Zinfandel: Del Barba Vineyard, Contra Costa County; planted in 1960; grown without pesticides and herbicides; dry farmed.

Carignan: Ricetti Vineyard, Mendocino County; planted in 1948; certified organic; dry farmed.

Tasting notes Wild fruit notes; juicy aromatics from the zinfandel with just enough structure from the carignan; versatile wine that is abundantly playful, but serious in all the right ways.

Vinification Notes: Zinfandel (100% destemmed), Pinot Noir, Carignan and Petite Sirah (100% whole-cluster, stems intact); fermented separately and aged in both stainless steel and neutral oak barriques for 6 months. Pinot Noir was lightly filtered, Zinfandel, Carignan and Petite Sirah remained unfiltered before blending and bottling. The wine is unfined; sediment expected.SO2 Notes: Free SO2 8 mg/L, total SO2 33 mg/L.

Vineyard Notes:~ Zinfandel from Del Barba Vineyard, Oakley, Contra Costa County; dry-farmed (non-irrigated) vineyard; pure sandy soils (like walking on a beach).~ Pinot Noir from Dicesare Vineyard, Redwood Valley, Mendocino County; dry-farmed (non-irrigated), certified organic vineyard; gravelly loam soils.~ Carignan from Ricetti Vineyard, Redwood Valley, Mendocino County; planted in 1948; dry-farmed (non-irrigated), certified organic vineyard; gravelly loam soils.~ Petite Sirah from Bricarelli Ranch, Ukiah, Mendocino County; 15-year-old head trained, dry-farmed (non-irrigated) vineyard, farmed by us according to organic principles (no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers); gravelly loam soils.

Martha's Notes: "Pinot Noir in Post Flirtation? Am I dreaming or is this real?! ;-) In late 2020, a hard frost hit our Carignan (and Colombard) vineyard in Mendocino County, resulting in a 90% reduction in yield for 2021 and almost no fruit available for Post Flirtation. Working with Mother Nature, we’ve deviated from our typical Post Flirtation Zinfandel-Carignan past and found a new path forward with the help of a familiar friend, grapegrower Pete Johnson. The Pinot Noir from Pete’s Dicesare Vineyard lies between his family’s Redwood Valley pear orchard and Hawkeye Ranch (Chardonnay for our Honeymoon wine) and is right at home in Post Flirtation—a little wild, full of Californian sunshine, and ready to mingle! Alongside the familiar Zinfandel from Del Barba Vineyard, we added a little whole-cluster Petite Sirah for structure along with as much Carignan as we could muster. All grape varieties in this year’s Post Flirtation red wine are from dry-farmed (non-irrigated) vineyards."

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