Matic Wines Skin Contact Kerner Slovenia 750ml

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Matic exclaimed: ‘We work only with what nature gives us. So, no chemicals in our wines’. He chooses to use organic, sustainable methods and native wild yeasts not because of the natural label or trend, but because he firmly and unconditionally believes this is how wine should be made.

Matic’s Šipon is a true gem of the Slovenia’s Štajerska. Coming from nearly 50-year-old vineyards this wine shows the true characteristics of the grape, with beautiful stone fruit notes at first backed by a burst of acidity that makes your mouth water and crave more. Notes of fresh orange and lemon zest dance in the back palate. Aged in steel on the fine lees, this wine has finesse and body to back it all up.

Matic follows principles of natural winemaking which are the same like when his grandfather was making the wine. His philosophy is that every wine that he makes, he can drink without any fear of a headache or anything else.

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