McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Riesling California 750ml

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Black Girl Magic Riesling

Pale sunny yellow. Aromas of fresh fruits and flowers leap from the glass. Pear, Fuji apple, and white nectarine combine with citrus zest and honey to create a sweet, inviting fragrance. On the palate, fresh apple crispness meets lush nectarine and carries the finish with just enough sweetness to balance the citrusy flavors. Pairs perfectly with seafood, thai, szechuan, jerk chicken, biscuits with apricot jam, breakfast burritos. With Black Girl Magic Wines, we pay homage to our heritage and honor all Black women in our community, across the Diaspora and the world, who have graced culture and society with her soul, spirit and MAGIC for generations. We are inspired by the original “Noble grapes”, that have been perfected over centuries to make the most majestic, rich and luscious varietals. Our collection of award-winning Black Girl Magic Wines are sourced from elite California vineyards, using the finest grapes, designed to serve magnificent Black Women and all of her celebratory moods and occasions. This is wine to celebrate. This is WINE LIKE YOU.

Robin McBride and Andréa McBride John were raised across the globe from one another in two of the world's most iconic wine growing, agriculture and farming regions — Monterey, California and Aotearoa New Zealand. Each thought they were only children until fate united them in 1999 and their discovery of one another, along with a shared love affair with wine, food and culture, sparked a creative and entrepreneurial force. Since 2005, the McBride Sisters have been leading wine & food culture through their award-winning, multinational wine company and innovative wine lifestyle content. Together, the McBride Sisters’ vision is to bring taste and optimism to the world through drinks, food, culture and business, and their sights have no limits. As expert winemakers, entrepreneurs, mothers, mentors and visionaries breaking down barriers in the wine industry and beyond, Robin & Andréa are proof that everything is possible.

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