Miguel Louro Wines Apelido Branco Portugal 750ml.

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Manual harvest in the middle of August, skin maceration for 24 hours, fermentation in stainless steel with temperature controlled at 14-16. Indigenous yeasts.

In the footsteps of the namesake and father Miguel Louro of the famous and controversial Quinta do Mouro and brother Luís Louro of Adega do Monte branco, Miguel Junior emancipated himself in 2010 creating wines with the trademark Nickname. With vineyards in the Estremoz area, he wanted to make his own wines and started surprisingly with a white wine. A training winemaker, open to other experiences, he currently practices in an appealing and atypical context for an Alentejo from the Mosel region, where he vinifies Riesling in abundance. The last red surname produced caught our attention and reveals an interesting way to return to both digestive and simple Alentejo wines at the same time and confirming the particular potential of the Estremoz sub-region as well as Miguel’s skill.

Miguel Louro is the soul of Quinta do Mouro. He loves what he does, and this is evident in the emotion with which he speaks about his wines. A skilful poker player, collector of antiques and a practicing dentist, he devotes most of his time to the vineyards and wine. With a vivid and captivating personality, he is known for speaking his mind and his love for controversies. This ends up showing in each bottle of wine he authors: atypical wines full of personality, the result of innovation and experimentation, refusing to please the market’s trends, using his good (and sometimes bad!) genious to contradict dogmas and always surprise.

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