Miskatonic VOX Pilsner 12 FL. OZ. 6PK Cans



ABV: 4.9%  |  IBU: N/A  |  6-Pk Cans

The mighty Pilsner — a clean and complex staple that tickles seasoned beer nerds, and beginner enthusiasts alike.

Miskatonic VOX Pilsner balances traditional German ingredients with modern brewing technique to create an unmistakable classic that won’t miss a beat. 

Its authentic Munich grain and Midwest barley create a complex, semi-sweet malt backbone, complimented by German noble hops lending notes of deep spice and floral finish.

VOX Pilsner body marries tradition and trend with a crisp, clean mouthfeel combined with an unfiltered finish, popular in today’s craft beer, which adds a subtle pillowy softness in the mouth.

This modern classic leaps with sweet malt, complex spice, and refreshing body. Get a six pack from Bitter Pop’s retail shop and taste today’s history.

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