Moncaro Sangiovese Marche Red Wine Italy 750ml



Organically grown Sangiovese from the Marche made in steel tanks with the lightest touch of oak. This is an easy going wine perfect for pizza and burgers. Al grapes come from cooperative farms in the Marche.

The Coop Moncaro was founded in Montecarotto (Italy, Marche region) in 1964 as a result of the will of few small farmers to emancipate from big land owners. Through the Coop, the farmers would be able to become the owners of their own company and as a result, they would receive a fair remuneration for the products of the land they cultivated. Over the years, MONCARO has become one of the top 50 producers in Italy and by far the top producer in the Marche region, with the production of 30% of the total volume of the most cultivated grape variety in the area, the Verdicchio, famous for the structure and longevity that it gives to the wines.
Moncaro cares the most about the wealth of the people working in the company and about the health of the sur- rounding environment. Therefore, ethical work practices and environmentally friendly technologies are main keys in the daily effort and activities of the company.The company can count on three wineries located in the most suitable areas of cultivation of the native grape varieties of the region of Marche. About 1.400 hectares of vineyards, allow the company to choose from the best vineyards of the area. Moncaro is also member of other coops in Italy which allows the winery to source ethical and high quality wine from other coops in Italy from Sicily, Abruzzo and Puglia.
The daily effort in innovation and research allows the company to use renewable solar energy for more than half of its demand. In fact, attention on preserving the environment has always been one of the main objectives: in 1980, Moncaro was the first wine company in Italy to experiment the organic cultivation of grapes.Today, Moncaro exports its products in more than 50 countries and produces wines which are boasting a long list of na- tional and international awards, receiving recognition for the values of its work on a global level.

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