More Arketype Chocolate Churro Imperial Stout 16 FL. OZ. 2PK Cans

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14% ABV  |  Cocoa nibs  |  2 x 16oz Cans

I hope you’re ready for the first day of the rest of your life, because things will never be the same after tasting the More Arketype Chocolate Churro Imperial Stout.

One whiff of its decadent chocolate-spice aroma is enough to realize this is unlike any beer you’ve had before.

A mountain of malt and cocoa nibs create rich chocolate-forward flavors that effortlessly harmonize with notes of sweet cinnamon and vanilla on the backend of its thick, creamy body.

Prominent without overwhelming, the More Arketype Chocolate Churro Imperial Stout will calm and delight you after a hard day –– like a cozy, warm blanket in autumn. Don’t wait to pickup yours, this special release is going fast!

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