Old Irving Deep Thoughts DDH DIPA 16 FL. OZ. 4PK Cans

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8% ABV  |  22 IBU  |  Cryo Sabro, Cryo Pops, & Cryo Mosaic Hops

Made with Cryo Sabro, Cryo Pops, and Cryo Mosaic Hops, Old Irving Deep Thoughts pushes the limits on tropical fruit notes — tangy mango, sweet pineapple, and zingy passionfruit. Mild bitterness allows hop flavor to shine, all washed down in a full NEIPA body.

With a Hop bill comprised entirely of Cryo Hops, it's no wonder there's so much flavor. What are Cryo Hops? Glad you asked! They take regular hops, freeze them with liquid nitrogen, separate the lupin glands, yada-yada-yada, more science words I don't understand, and then BAM! You've got Cryo Hops that contain twice as much flavor acids and oils as regular hops. Isn't learning fun?

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