Painted Wolf The Den Chenin Blanc South Africa 750ml

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An elegant full bodied wine with tropical flavors of creamy pineapple, melon, and vanilla. The wine has a lovely texture with a long finish with enough acid to keep it really fresh and vibrant. The wine has been sealed with a screw cap to maintain its freshness.

Top Dogs - Jeremy and Emma Borg established painted Wolf Wines in 2007. Jeremy worked in the San Francisco area for many years, first as a cook and restaurant owner. After selling his restaurant he followed his life passion- wine, working in retail, for a broker and eventually in the cellar at Rosenblum cellars. Here he learned a great deal making hand crafted wine, studying viticulture in California. Returning back to Africa, he began working for a safari camp in Botswana for a number of years - where he met Emma, rekindling his love for African wilderness once again. After Botswana in 1996, Emma and Jeremy made a pact; to find a way to harness their skill to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of Africa’s wild spaces.

Continuing his wine career, Jeremy worked seven years at Fairview where he was responsible for the development of Goats do roam, then went on from there to help a many other wineries with strategic and marketing issues. Eventually, Jeremy began making small amounts of his own wine, searching to fulfill the promise they had made ten years earlier. Eventually the concept took form, and with the help of groups - minded investors, the Painted Wolf wine pack, Painted Wolf Wines began to evolve. The teamwork and social dynamics of an African Painted Wolf pack frame the Painted Wolf business philosophy. The pack is a group of passionate grape growers, artists, conservationists, marketing experts and a leading winery in the Douro.

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