Pardas Sumoll Penedès Rosé Spain 750ml

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A fresh and intense nose. An intensity of fresh Mediterranean fresh fruit: red apple peel, ripe cherries pomegranate, figs. A radical change of the landscape. A collage of wild red fruit: raspberries, cherries which transport us to shady and damp grass fields. Beyond the fruit, we find notes of humid clay from the soils where this wine comes from. A background of aniseed is always present as it is a distinctive characteristic of this grape variety. A fresh an opulent attack and passage though the mouth, though always nuanced and supported by the ever present acidity of the Sumoll variety. A fresh, long, dry and bitter finish that totally cleanses the palate.

How many times when tasting wines that excite us we ask ourselves the inevitable question: what would the place of origin and the ecosystem of this wine be like?

When a viticulturist makes the decision of making a single vineyard wine, it is undoubtedly his will that his work reflect the place where the wine comes from like a mirror. This will distinguish the wine and will provide it with its own identity. We are therefore moved by one desire: to transfer the terroir to the glass. The place above all else of the viticulturist.

The desire of being reunited with nature, and establishing bonds which fulfil us is only human nature after all, though very often forgotten.

Viticulturists, and winemakers when making terroir wines, maybe want to satisfy this desire, by creating an intimate connection with the environment upon searching for something irrational. Because we thoroughly believe, that the vineyard and the wine more than any other crop enable this encounter.

With regard to the location, the vineyard is called: “La Barraca”: 2.69 hectares of deep clay soils and gravel planted with cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon in 1996 located on the slopes of the Bitlles river.

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