Phase Three Grunge DIPA 16 FL. OZ. 4PK Cans

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8% ABV  |  BRU-1, Vic Secret, & Galaxy Hops 


This one's for those who wear flannels over band tees; for those who move their car out of the garage for band practice; for anyone who knows you can never have too much fuzz pedal on the bass. Grunge lives on in us all!

Phase Three Grunge was an attempt to get as much pineapple flavor into a beer without adding pineapple. Spoilers: they succeeded. BRU-1 Hops paired with Vic Secret, and a little Galaxy hops create a massively aromatic pineapple explosion, and because it's all natural hop flavoring—no fruit added—it's danker than the PNW itself.

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