Praytell Chardonnay Willamette Valley Oregon 750ml.

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Earnest curiosity is what defines the wines, people, and pug behind Pray Tell. After years of lightning bolt wines, learning alongside amazing mentors, and participating in the truly unique and collaborative community of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we sought out an opportunity to add our own voices to the growing landscape of wine. Our values are founded on sustainable, mindful farming, reactive winemaking, and an unflinching pursuit to continue learning and enjoying each bottle we make.

When Tom Caruso was a kid, he helped his grandfather make wine on a city sidewalk in Philadelphia — ironically on the corner of Oregon Avenue. They would source grapes from local farms and use a small hand crank destemmer and basket press (which he still has to this day).

In adulthood, try as he might to find another career path, the inevitable reality sunk in when a few years into a job as a book editor in New York City, he decided to drop everything and focus on wine. Tom worked night shifts for a winery in Brooklyn and enrolled in an intensive sommelier school where his eyes were opened to the world of amazing wines.

After harvest and passing his sommelier exams, he realized his focus and curiosity had shifted to actually making the stuff. So he packed up his things and headed west.

From New York to Sonoma to the Willamette Valley, Tom has spent years working with some amazing winemakers, farmers, and mentors. With a head full of ideas and a desire to explore his own creativity, he started Pray Tell — a little corner of the region he loves most where he continues to nurture his earnest curiosity of fermented grape juice and feed his pug.

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