Rootdown Es Okay Rose North Coast California 750ml




This Rosé is all your poolside hopes and dreams. Bright watermelon and strawberry acidity rolls off the palate while tart cranberry crudo pops in the mouth. Some crazy rhubarb savory-ness and iron like minerality join the dance party as well. It's like nibbling on organic fruit leathers and biting into that fleshy part of a pineapple.

What is it? Es Okay
How is it? Es Okay

Nowhere do the rules say that wine made from serious fruit has to be taken seriously. Wine is just fermented juice, after all! We believe drinking should be pleasurable — whether one is shamelessly crushing rosé at a baby shower, or undermining a co-worker’s supposedly fancier bottle selection at the seasonal office party, by showing up with a juicy red that actually begs to be consumed (with that mediocre sushi platter). You could consider the finer points — that this wine includes grapes from some of California’s best vineyards (ahem, such as Cole Ranch) or that the wine is minimally sulfured and maximally fresh from the grapes’ naturally high acidity.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to overthink tasty. You have our permission to crush this wine. Go ahead, es okay!

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