Salcheto Chianti Biskero Italy 750ml

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There should be a synergy between the earth and all growing things, man included. At Salcheto they try to respect this relationship on a daily basis, as they attempt to maintain a balance with nature through sustainable farming and winemaking practices. These include non-invasive organic and biodynamic growing methods, as well as systematic energy and water conservation.


This is an easy drinking Chianti bursting with the proper juicy black fruit notes matched with earthy characteristics. The wine is lifted by a bright finish and overall moderate structure that makes it ready to drink now or any time over the next 5 years. The vintage was warm, putting out full-bodied wines that are still very pleasant to drink while young. Equally fresh and elegant.

Serve with vibrant and comforting Mediterranean fare; handmade Neopolitan pizza or grilled haloumi over tabbouleh salad. 


Ultimately, the goal is to work in an environmentally responsible manner to create the greatest expression of quality and authenticity in their wines. With this in mind, Salcheto hopes to bring romance and passion to the science of fine winemaking, blending time-honored tradition with modern technology. It is a life challenge that they take very seriously, or at least as seriously as young, passionate winemakers can.

Salco, (their most important vineyard and label designate) means willow tree in the ancient Tuscan dialect. Salcheto is the name of a stream that runs through the property where willows once grew in abundance. They have just begun to replant willow trees on the estate in areas not suitable for viticulture. Eventually Salcheto will use the wood for heating, with the goal of creating a sustainable green system at the winery that is 100-percent energy independent.

The 2009-vintage bottlings at Salcheto are the first bottles to appear in the market for which all the associated carbon dioxide emissions from their manufacture through the distribution process will have been calculated. Salcheto has obtained the CSQA certification no. 24378, the first in which a carbon footprint of a bottle of wine was created according to ISO 14064 standards (i.e. the inventory of Green House Gas emissions). The analysis, a true trailblazer for the industry, has produced an index of 2.02 kg CO2 equivalent per 750ml bottle, including not only the work in the vineyard and winery, but also the emissions from obtaining raw materials (glass in particular) and transportation to the final consumer.

This is a milestone of great importance for the wine world as the analysis of the environmental impact, measured in terms of CO2 emissions, is an essential tool to improve the ability to communicate it in a clear, transparent and certifiable manner to the consumer through a simple numerical index. At Salcheto, the path to reduce emissions is already underway and travels hand in hand with quality production of the wines. Starting with the 2011 harvest, in fact, Salcheto will rely on full energy independence, becoming, probably, the first “Off Grid” winery, in the sense of being completely disconnected from traditional power-distribution networks. This result has been achieved by combining, in an integrated way, water recycling and independence, energy savings, and renewable energy sources present in the countryside, not only Solar Photovoltaic but also geothermal and biomasses systems.

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