Saugatuck R U Kidding Me IPA 16 FL. OZ. 4PK Cans

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6.7% ABV  |  Paradigm & Bergamot Hops  |  Cookingwithdarryl 


A collaboration with viral Tik Tok star and foodie, cookingwithdarryl, Saugatuck R. U. Kidding Me is a brilliant West Coast IPA with deep Michigan-pride roots.

The Michigan-based brewery uses only native grown hops, Paradigm and Bergamot Hops, to give this crisp and clear IPA dank fruity flavors that transcend the typical style.

In this post-hazy world of IPAs we find ourselves, West Coast style IPAs are evolving rapidly. Beyond the yesteryear notes of pine and resin, this IPA flaunts orange and mango flavors, while dank notes of juniper, lime, and spice round out the backend.

Working with modern stars of flavor, this genre-bending IPA of today will have you saying: "R. U. Kidding Me?"

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