STOUT Bloody Mary Blend 32 FL. OZ.



Part tomato, part umami goodness - our award-winning Bloody Mary Blend is sure to become a staple at your brunch affairs. This signature blend of over thirty ingredients delivers just the right amount of spice and smoky flavor for a savory experience that will take your cocktails to another level.

Our Story

STOUT began as a humble blog that focused on finding and evaluating the best Bloody Marys across the nation. However, after developing a considerable online following, co-founder Jeff realized that the bottled cocktail blends available in stores did not measure up to the quality of the drinks served in bars and restaurants. He joined forces with his longtime friend Craig and used the insights gained from numerous conversations with bartenders and restaurant owners to create STOUT Bloody Mary Blend.

Made with over 20 ingredients, all vegan, gluten free and no preservatives, STOUT Bloody Mary Blend offers the perfect Bloody Mary experience. It has a distinctive flavor profile that combines a slight kick, a hint of smokiness, and a lot of taste. The product requires no additional ingredients and is ready to serve straight from the bottle, providing an unparalleled Bloody Mary experience.
Today, STOUT is available in more than 1,500 locations nationwide, and its success has allowed the company to expand its offerings to include a handcrafted Margarita Blend, which is also ready to mix. STOUT Cocktail Co. has built on the triumph of its award-winning STOUT Bloody Mary Blend to provide customers with high-quality, bar-worthy cocktails in the comfort of their own homes.
Let STOUT elevate your at-home cocktail experience.

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