Valentina Passalacqua Mare e Foresta Orange Pinot Grigio Italy 750ml

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The work in the winery is inspired by a single fundamental principle: to be able to express nature with the least human intervention possible. Each of our wines ferments on its own with native yeast, naturally occurring in the wind. Using various fermentation vessels, we carefully allow each collection of wine to express itself in the most natural way possible.

My wines are dear to me, like children. I reflect on their different identities and qualities, promoting them in their special harmony. And when they are ready, I share them with the world.

For years, the Gargano has given me perpetual joy and hope. I have built my own philosophy inspired by this land that has encouraged me to tune in, listen and truly appreciate these many loving gifts.

Surprising Pinot Grigio with 4 days of maceration; wine with great flavor and minerality. A direct wine that balances the structure and aromatic complexity.

Fermentation: Spontaneous with a 7-day maceration in open vats without temperature control and manual punch downs


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