Vedrenne Triple Sec 700ml.

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Discover Triple Sec with this cocktail liqueur designed for bar professionals, with intense aromatic power, resulting from historic VEDRENNE know-how.

Tasting Notes

His color :Colorless.
Ring :Subtle bitter orange.
Its flavor:Bitter orange, with a clear, straight and intense taste with a slight hint of bitterness from the zest on the finish.


According to the traditional recipe for La Crème de Cassis in Burgundy, Supercassis uses a large proportion of blackcurrant berries during maceration. The production process respects the fruit and takes into account its fragility: the maceration of the blackcurrant berries in alcohol takes place in rotating stainless steel vats, protected from air and light.

After passing through the press, the drawn-off infusions are sweetened exclusively with dry sugar: they contain no additives, even those authorized by law.

Crème de Cassis is our iconic product and we apply the same care to the creation of the entire range of fruit creams and liqueurs.


1923 CREATION OF THE COMPANY VEDRENNE PÈRE & FILS: It was after the First World War that Joseph VEDRENNE, an engineer by training, created the company VEDRENNE Père et Fils. He settled in Nuits-Saint-Georges near the blackcurrant fields, berries whose cultivation was then at its peak. Its proximity to the terroir allows it to establish privileged contacts with local producers and to work the fruit in the best conditions.

FROM THE 1930S : Joseph VEDRENNE was one of the pioneers of fruit maceration with the implementation of tools to preserve all the taste qualities of the fruit protected from light. The company specializes in fruit extraction, offering its “Supercassis” crème de cassis, fruit creams and syrups.

THE 50S : Small table fruits give way to new flavors which are distilled, macerated, in Nuits-Saint-Georges according to historical know-how. The company is setting out to conquer international markets.

TODAY : The company is present in more than 60 countries in the world of bars and mixology as well as in cafes, hotels and restaurants. In 2017, the company was recognized as a Living Heritage Company.

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