Vicentin Blanc de Malbec Mendoza Argentina 750ml.

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Vicentín is a family business with a vision of progress and work that since 1929 works the land in Argentina. In 2009 the group decided to enter the wine segment with the aim of creating and offering the world its version of the great Argentine wine, Malbec. The place to develop it was what they considered was the best soil in the world for it: the wild desert of the Andes, land of the most experienced vineyards to obtain the best raw material, the best tannins and the most optimal fruit quality . The first step was the selection of the vineyards, and they decided on that important step to rely on those who knew him most. Thus, they employed traditional peasant families who for several generations managed to nourish the vineyards with their love, their secrets, their mystery and their unique grapes. In this way the singularity was achieved, through the different latitudes and longitudes of the province and the acquisition of different “ terroirs ”. Already in 2010 the first harvest was carried out, which resulted in the development of a Malbec Blend of 5 unique vineyards selected through classical concepts and taking advantage of the uniqueness of each territory. In this way, once the first objective was achieved, Vicentín Family Wines decided to try other strains, with wines that became classics of the Argentine table. As part of that search and accompanying the expansion plans, in December 2016, the family acquired 100% of the shares of Bodega Sottano , thus completing a perfect cycle of growth and projection and having two different wineries to create different products and tags. At present, between Bodega Vicentín and Bodega Sottano the group has more than 60 labels, with medium and younger high ranges and with award-winning varieties in all major competitions in the world. In addition, they got wines of such a high quality that they are exported to more than 20 countries throughout the world. If you are in Mendoza, do not forget to visit the winery and taste the wines, it will be an unforgettable experience!

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