Violet Swell Vichingo Carignan Santa Rosa California 750ml.

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Glou-glou Carignan made by Kenny Likitprakong of Hobo Wine Co. & Folk Machine! 85% carbonic Carignan from Mendocino’s Redwood Valley with 15% direct press Viognier (from Suisun in Solano County.) As natural production as possible including minimal sulfur, responsible farming, and as little intervention as possible. That creates a beautiful, luscious, yet soft and bright red. Recommended chilled. Just bottled at the end of last year, there’s a purity to the fruit quality that really stands out: muddled cherry, blueberry, lavender, crushed violets, and a finish that leans fairly savory. Despite clocking in at around 12% ABV, the addition of Viognier adds a textural plushness and layered quality that gives the wine a sense of expansion. A fresh, lively, bright and singular expression of Carignan!

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