Weingut Der Pollerhof Covee Rot Austria 1L

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GRAPES:  ZweigeltBlauburger

The winery POLLERHOF is located in Röschitz, in Western Weinviertel, South of the city of Retz. The winemaking tradition of the family Poller in Röschitz was handed down from one generation to the next. They were already devoted to winemaking on a high quality level in the 1920`s.

A winery that stands on its own. Creative, curious and passionate, Erwin brings nature in the bottles and on the labels, too. The vineyard area comprises 20 hectares. Erwin Poller loves to surprise and provoke. Wine is produced together with respect for nature – spirited, wild and with imagination.

Creative, unconventional, close to nature, handmade, individual – LIKE US.

The joy of creativity, quality & wine, handcraft because we believe in it. Rich in extract, fine and elegant. “Normal“ is too boring for us. We are critical of trends and go our own way. The future remains exciting.

As a winemaker, I consider it an honor to have the peppery Weinviertel DAC in my range. But I also see it as an obligation to do justice to the Grüner Veltliner in all its forms. The Roter Veltliner, for example, was already cultivated in Roman times and today this ancient variety thrives on our deep loess soil on the "Goassbugl" and produces wines of the same name with absolute cult potential.

Our family has been running the Pollerhof here in Röschitz in the Weinviertel for over 100 years. Even as a little boy it was clear to me: Being a winemaker is the greatest thing. Nothing has changed to this day. Even if a lot has changed otherwise. The farm has been lovingly renovated, the vineyards now cover 20 hectares, there are modern facilities in the cellar and - very important for us - we are organically certified.


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